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Newsletter - Autumn 2006

Welcome to the 3rd newsletter of 2006.


Editors comment (or Syd's Ramblings)

I have now enlarged the 'Buy British made gifts online' section which can be found on the home page. You will find that we have some exciting new additions.
However, not all members have online stores, and as we move closer to Christmas I would encourage you to have a look around the site where there are some very good British made gifts.

I said in the last newsletter that I would try to be more organised with publication dates.
The intent is to publish once every three months during the last week of the month - at the end of March, June, September and early to mid December.
If you would like me to include any promotions that you are running please contact me two weeks prior to these dates and I should be able to include them.

As usual any feedback you can give me on the newsletter is always very welcome - is there anything you would like to see added or removed for that matter?

Anyway enough of my ramblings - on with the newsletter.


Company Profile

Kevin Barry Crystal Ltd. - Stourbridge, West Midlands.


KEVIN BARRY The Glass Cutter

Kevin Barry glass designs

Kevin Barry began glass cutting at Royal Brierley in 1976, following in the age old tradition of apprentice learning in one of England's oldest manufacturing crafts. In the early 1980's Kevin moved to Stuart Crystal, where he spent twenty years as a master cutler specialising in intaglio and sand engraving, although additionally turning his hand to all the traditional cutting methods. In this, Kevin followed in the footsteps of earlier generations of craftsmen who were both specialists and innovators, testing and trying out techniques across a range of procedures in search of new and innovative design.
In 2003 Kevin established his own Studio at the Ruskin Centre where he developed and continues to develop his own designs on a wide range of locally sourced crystal glass using every possible cutting technique. His work demonstrates a range of styles simply not encountered in factory showrooms; contemporary and traditional, minimalism alongside high Victorian extravaganza.
Kevin offers off the shelf pieces, a design service and undertakes bespoke commissions. He will make an individual piece for an individual customer, something that could never happen, except by special command, with factory cut glass. A Kevin Barry commission offers customers the chance to enter a design partnership with a master craftsman, combining individual requirements with dedicated craft skill. Kevin Barry's glass is unique. His pieces are not anonymous objects produced to conform to some distant designer's dictate of taste and style, but genuinely hand crafted works that speak loudly of satisfaction inherent in their creation.
Kevin Barry's studio is open Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm and Saturday 9.00am to 4.00pm.

Kevin Barry Crystal,
Ruskin Glass Centre,
West Midlands
DY8 4HF.
Tel: 01384399468
Fax: 01384 399401

Email: kevinbarrycrystal@blueyonder.co.uk
web: Kevin Barry Crystal


To have your profile published here please email me: syd@britishproductsdirectory.co.uk

New Members

Several new members have recently joined and just in case you haven't spotted the more recent ones, I've listed them below.

Nicola Hurst Jewellery - Contemporary designer jewellery. Nicola Hurst hand crafts her designs in her own studio and specialises in the combination of gold and silver.

Made in Shropshire - Made in Shropshire is a collaboration of artists, designer makers and craft producers who live and work in Shropshire

Belvoir Vale Studio - I should have mentioned in an earlier newsletter that Belvoir Vale Studio now have a new web site- a large selection of house signs including wildlife studies by artist Steven Burrows:


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