Text displayed in blue, is a link, to another page or another web site.
If you place the mouse pointer over a link, it will underline and show another icon - often a hand.

To move to the subject listing you want to view, click on the blue link e.g. Arts & Crafts.

To move between pages, use the blue links to the top left of the screen e.g. Regions >

If the name of a company or individual is displayed in blue, this is a link to their web page or web site.
Click on the link to view the site.



When I click on a company name I do not see their web site

Web sites are viewed in another window which could be hidden behind your current window.
Minimise the current window to see if this is the case.

When I have viewed a company web site and I click on the browser's back button I don't return to the directory.

The web site is viewed in a seperate window to the directory.
If you close the web site window you should return to the directory.


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