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  • Diamond Bottlenecks.

    Acoustic & Electric Glass Bottleneck Guitar Slides.

    Diamond Bottlenecks make a diverse range of glass guitar bottlenecks and slides to satisfy every possible need of professional musicians and general slide guitarists alike.

    From our traditional glass bottleneck guitar slide:
    Cut from carefully selected 100% recycled wine, sherry, brandy and Olive Oil bottles, these glass bottleneck slides give you a tone and ‘feel’ harking back to the days of the original Delta Blues slide guitarists.

    To the Ultimate:
    Our range of hand-blown lead crystal glass guitar slides.
    Totally seamless, available in an ever-evolving comprehensive variety of weights, wall thicknesses & colour options, these beautiful guitar slides are all tailored to your very own personal specifications.
    Our ‘Ultimates’ are offered as traditionally styled glass guitar slides, a ‘domed-top’ closed end guitar slide and a ‘flat-top’ closed end guitar slide


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