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  • Zenith Prototype Components Ltd.

    We use Digital Manufacturing and Rapid Prototyping Technologies for the Rapid Product Development of polymer & metal components to the consumer, automotive, marine & architectural industries.

    The use of these technologies enables the design/manufacturing time cycle to be dramatically reduced - from drawing to finished component in days rather than weeks.

    Our process is particularly suited to:

    • Moulding Processes - Modified ceramic investment casting processes developed for the rapid production of metal components.
    • Aluminium Castings - Thin wall cast components in most commercially available alloys.
    • Nett Cast Tooling - Kirkside plastics injection moulding tools. Aluminium compression mould tools.Cast iron gravity dies for aluminium and zinc components.
    • Resin Tooling - Blow moulding components and injection mould tooling.
    • Plastic Components - In engineering polymers (ABS, Acetal, Nylons, Thermoplastic Rubbers, GF Nylons & PBT).
    • 3D Thermoplastic Models - Used as patterns for low volume casting production.

    Zenith specialise in many processes and methods including; the production of thin wall light weight aluminium investment castings, zinc castings and plastics injection moulding components, including prototypes through pre-production, short run manufacture and volume production.

    Delivery worldwide.

    Unit 6, Embassy Estate, Lye, Stourbridge, West Midlands, DY9 8RY.
    Contact: Mark Taylor  Tel: 01384 424000 Fax: 01384 444 900
    email: zenithrpt@compuserve.com

Nett Cast Tooling

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