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  • Care-Knight Ltd

    Bath-Knight is Britain’s favourite bath lift, offering bathing solutions for all of your bathing difficulties.

    Uniquely the Bath-Knight lets you bathe comfortably, enabling you to relax at the very bottom of your own bath with ease and comfort and later raising you out of the bath safely without trouble or discomfort.

    Bath-Knight prides itself on strong family roots, a wealth of experience and the passion to solve any bathing endeavour with a wide variety of quality products.

    Upon the enormous success of the Bath-Knight, we have worked hard to utilise our knowledge and develop a product range which suites our customers perfectly. Such includes the Bath-Knight Deluxe, a variety of walk in baths and a walk in shower range.

    Paladin House, Atlas Street,Fenton, Stoke-on-Trent. ST4 3AL

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