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If you would like to see your business included in the directory just follow the guidelines below.
You don't need a website to join the British Products Directory and it only takes a few minutes to register.
All we ask is that you meet the following criteria:

  • You are a company, partnership or individual based in Britain.
  • If you are a company; you are registered in Britain.
  • That where possible you source from other British companies (price notwithstanding).
  • You manufacture or produce a product.
  • Where applicable your design work is carried out in Britain.
  • We understand that in certain instances e.g. stained glass artistry, cabinet making, joinery not all materials can be sourced in Britain but the design and/or manufacture are British.

If you don't meet some of the criteria but still think you should be listed Contact us.

Registration is FREE for 12 months. Thereafter a modest annual subscription of £15.00 plus VAT

Each listing includes:

  • Category of your choice.
  • An active link to your web site.
  • An active link to your facebook page.
  • A description of your business.
  • Full contact details - address, phone, fax & active email links.
  • A photo of choice.

If you don't have a web site we can offer a dedicated page to showcase your products. Information on this can be requested during registration.

All information provided is kept in strict confidence and will only be used to compile and maintain this directory. Please see our privacy statement (opens in new window)

If you meet the above criteria and agree to our terms & conditions (opens in new window) please click the 'Add my business' button below and submit the details you would like listed.
We will then contact you, with a draft listing for your comments and a request for a photograph if you would like one displayed alongside your listing.

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You can also register by mail or by telephone - just ask for an application form.

Write to or ask for Syd Partridge.

The British Products Directory,
The Field House,
Johns Lane,
Dudley Port,
West Midlands,
DY4 7PT.
0121 439 6215

or if you have any questions we will be pleased to answer them.