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    Decals and stickers for motor scooters.

    All our decals and stickers are created using quality British materials and craftwork.
    The cutout vinyl stickers are super thin, highly adhesive and perfect for long term scooter decoration. Easy to apply, they will last as long as your paint work.
    These have a very good reproduction for metal properties including Chrome and Gold.
    The magnetic decals are made from vinyl backed with a flexible magnetic material.
    They are durable, long lasting & completely re-usable. Their flexibility makes them perfect for legsheild, side panel and mudguard decoration.
    The magnetic backing has 100% coverage ensuring a complete attachment unlike inferior magnetic decorations these wont blow off in the wind.

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    8a Hood Close, Wallisdown, Bournemouth, BH10 4DF
    Contact: Pete Hall
    Tel: 07896599984

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