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    You can increase the chances of surviving a heart attack! 'Immediate' aspirin has been shown to significantly reduce deaths from heart attack, and the earlier it is taken during a heart attack, the greater the benefit.

    Aspod® is a British invention and the only system in the world specifically designed to provide you with instant access to an emergency dose of 'immediate' aspirin - wherever you are, 24 hours a day, even in the dark!

    Aspod has been on TV three times and already they have received reports of lives having been saved. Carrying aspirin in your pocket, wallet or handbags has its own problems, aspirin is prone to damage from dampness and has friability issues which make it difficult to carry without it crumbling.

    From the start the inventor had only two goals, to save lives and to create a unique product which was truly British. Their company C-Beam Developments Ltd deal only with other British companies for all their materials, design and manufacturing services. They feel so strongly about this that not only do they display the British flag on their website but display the text 'Proudly made in the UK - not in China!'.

    Watch us on Youtube, just search for 'Aspod'.

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