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    Paints Direct is pleased to introduce Thermilate Technologies new insulating paint range - InsOpaint. Offering a unique level of interior and exterior decorative insulation in a very cost-effective and easy-to-use paint range, InsOpaint saves both wasted heat loss through walls, ceilings and floors, and SAVES YOU MONEY on your energy bills!

    InsOpaints help:

    • rooms to heat up much more quickly and retain heat for longer. This reduces energy usage and bills.
    • programmable thermostats be set to turn on an hour later and shut off an hour earlier than is possible without InsOpaint. Reduces energy usage and bills even further.
    • eliminates problems with toxic mould and other condensation problems.
    • keep rooms cooler in hot weather

    Made in Yorkshire, the scientifically proven, water-based InsOpaint range allows a 360 envelope of decorative insulation for all properties. Available in 24 colours.

    Paints Direct is delighted to offer visitors to The British Products Directory a fabulous "Buy 1 get 1 Free" deal saving you up to 79.95. Simply quote discount code BPD114 at checkout to receive your free tub(s).

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