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Is 2011 the Year that 'Made in Britain' makes its mark?

This year seems to be 'Made in Britain' year. I'm seeing more and more calls for British made products to be identified as such.

Back in March, Chancellor George Osborne said the government wants "the words: 'made in Britain, 'created in Britain', 'designed in Britain', 'invented in Britain', to drive our nation forward. Recent surveys show that consumers want to buy British and a number of Politicians are backing calls from industry for a change in origin marking - all good news.

New research by leading UK cooker manufacturer Stoves shows that two-thirds (67%) of consumers want an official seal of approval to show products made in Britain, while half (52%) think British brands should bring manufacturing back to the UK.
As a result of the findings Stoves have launched a campaign for a standardised 'Made In Britain' marque to be used on British-made products. A nationwide student design competition is being run to create the marque, with the winning logo to be revealed later this month.

Staffordshire pottery companies and politicians are calling on the government to introduce new laws that would force manufacturers to label their products' country of origin. Stoke-on-Trent North Labour MP Joan Walley argues in favour of product labelling.
"From the point of view of jobs, it is certainly in our interests to have Made in Britain markings," she said. "Items of ceramic ware designed and manufactured in places with the best innovation need to have on their turn-it-over side an origin marking stating Made in the UK or Made in Britain, and ideally Made in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire as well."

There has also been a lot of talk in the fashion press recently about manufacturing returning to the UK. This is partly driven by the rising cost of sourcing from places such as China, but also because there is a renewed interest in British heritage and the skills that this country once had that are now being lost. Drapers have launched aSave our Skills Campaign, with some very high profile retailers such as Philip Green involved, to try and reverse this trend.

A very good start to the year.

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Company Profile:

Brentwin Gear Company

Brentwin Gear Company have provided custom engineered gears to the manufacturing and engineering industry for over sixty years.
Based in the West Midlands, they are a traditional engineering company, still capable of manufacturing processes that are fast becoming lost arts.

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Brentwin Gear Company has been serving the manufacturing and engineering industry for over 60 years. A traditional engineering company, still capable of manufacturing processes that are fast becoming lost arts.

We are a precision manufacturer of gears, castings, sprockets, chain wheels and pulleys. Our capacities range from single items and small quantities through to CNC volume capacity and we supply to both the UK and overseas market. Breakdown, pattern making and tooling services are also available.

All our gears are made using specialist machinery, to specification and in a fast turnaround time. Our gears have been used in a variety of industries including aerospace, marine and nuclear.

Our range of gears includes Bevel Gears, Spur Gears, Helical Gears, Worm Gears & Wheels, Sprockets and Racks.

We also manufacture timing pulleys, spline gears, sprockets, and internal gears.

We manufacture from a range of materials including: Steel, Tool Steel, Brass, Phosphor Bronze, Cast Iron, Aluminium, Tufnal and All Plastics

We can design and manufacture gears for new equipment, make replacement gears for existing equipment or if required, repair and rebuild existing systems.

We can also alter existing equipment to alter gear ratios and increase loading.

Brentwin Gear Company are also specialists in the repair and renovation of gear boxes in vintage and classic cars.

Our in-house foundry also caters to a vast range of industries, from classic car restoration and railway work to the hospital and equestrian industry. We also provide machining, tool and pattern making services.

Basically, if you need a metal part then Brentwin can manufacture it for you, we are small enough to care, but big enough to cope with most size jobs. We will also undertake any bespoke projects.

For more detailed information on the gears we manufacture, please see our website: www.brentwingearcompany.co.uk/

Bevel Gears

Spur Gears

Helical Gears

Worm Gears

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Latest Sites

Landy Vent UK Ltd - Eccostove is a stunning new contemporary multi fuel stove that is crafted in silicon carbide which has the properties to project its stored heat much further than conventional stove materials.
Landy Vent UK Ltd

Woodjoy Pens - Woodjoy Pens are quality hand made wooden pens and pencils in exotic woods
Using the finest materials, each pen or pencil is individually made and consequently unique.
Woodjoy Pens

Hand Print Toys Ltd - Home of Creata - The World's Best Eco Toys!
Manufacturers of Children's Educational Construction Kits. Entirely Manufactured in the UK, 100% Recyclable, Low Carbon Footprint, 100% Sustainable Materials Used.
A real alternative to cheap plastic imports!
Hand Print Toys Ltd

Nicky Louth-Davies Ltd - Make and distribute stunning and original patchwork home furnishings and accessories. All are handmade by us in England to our own original designs.
Our range includes patchwork cushions, quilts, throws, bed runners, cot quilts, play blankets and much more.
Nicky Louth-Davies Ltd

Advance Heating - We install heating and hot water systems based on renewable energy such as low carbon wood burning stove boilers and solar energy. We even create heating systems that work if imported gas, oil, electrical and nucelar fuel sources fail.
Our aim is to use UK made products, increase the independence of all households on global markets, and to create British exports
Advance Heating

Little Raggy Horse - Handcrafted Wooden Childrens Bedroom Accessories and Personalised Soft Furnishings
Little Raggy Horse

British Gifts Online - Offers a selection of high quality, stylish gifts for all occasions. All made in Britain.
British Gifts Online

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