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Editors comment (or Syd's Ramblings)

Will the need to reduce our carbon footprint encourage the buying of British made goods.

It has been noticeable in a number of articles over the summer months that more interest is being shown in British manufacturing and the associated reduction in our carbon footprint that comes from buying locally produced goods.
I quote from an article in the Independent that sums this up and puts it much better than I ever could:

Globalisation has put pressure on all types of business to outsource production, move jobs abroad and, in doing so, cut costs. As a result British producers have been in decline for a number of decades.
In recent years, however, increased awareness of climate change, a growing world population, political instability and the financial crisis - not to mention the ethical issues often associated with working conditions abroad - have forced consumers to think more carefully about where their produce comes from.

As you know this is something I have been passionate about for a number of years and now I want to move it up to the next level.

Between the consumer and the manufacturer is the service sector and I have been looking for service industries that provide British made goods.

In our Company profile we already have one such company - Unique fire in Birmingham

On with the newsletter.

Company Profile:

Unique Fire

Unique Fire is a radically different fire protection company.
They are a new Midlands based Company, offering a wide range of products and services relating to the design and maintenance of Fire Alarm Systems, Portable Fire Fighting Equipment, Dry Risers, Fire Training and Fire Risk Assessment.
Unique Fire delivers outstanding customer service and value and are proud to supply British manufactured kitemarked and CE marked equipment.

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We at Unique Fire have given a lot of thought to our industry and have come up with a radical way of going forward - by going backwards!!
We have taken a step back and looked at what's been happening in our industry over the last 10 years.
The Fire Extinguisher Industry, like society, has become a throw away industry.
We at Unique Fire however, can provide a service that goes back to servicing and testing Fire Extinguishers, without throwing them away and having to buy new all the time. (Yes, you can refill Fire Extinguishers)

We just need to assess our clients' needs and you will not only save money, but will also will keep up with current legislation and be environmentally friendly too.

The majority of Fire Extinguishers purchased in this country are manufactured in China from British made steel; imagine the Carbon Footprint created sending the steel from Britain to China and then sending the new Fire Extinguishers back to Britain in huge container ships, wow!!
They may be cheap, but how much is the cost to the environment?
We only supply British manufactured kitemarked and CE marked equipment. Our range of Extinguishers are guaranteed for a period of 5 years, if maintained by one of our Extinguisher service technicians.
We have significantly reduced our Carbon Footprint in one decision.

Fire extinguishers

Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguishers require testing every ten years.
What does the industry do? They sell you a new one.
We actually have them tested by one of the only Bafe approved refurbishment centres at half the cost. This reduces Co2 emissions and landfill in one decision

Foam Fire Extinguishers (Not Biodegradable) why do we have them?
In the majority of instances where they are located, they are not required. A Water Fire Extinguisher is suitable. All that is required, is for the client to comply with recent legislation by providing adequate Fire Training to staff - one decision

Powder Fire Extinguishers, these are specialist fire fighting extinguishers, yet we still see them being sold into offices, shops and kitchens.
The powder in these fire extinguishers goes to landfill when it gets to the end of its life. So the more we purchase, the more goes to landfill. We only install this type of extinguisher when there is a specific requirement; this reduces the amount we send to landfill - one decision

We also cover other aspects of fire protection:

  • Fire alarm system: Design, installation and maintenance.
  • Training: Fire Awareness Training: fire extinguisher training and fire marshal training.
  • Fire risk assessment: We can write and update your Fire risk assessment.
  • Dry Risers: We can visually inspect your dry risers 6 monthly and pressure check annually.
  • Site signage: We can carry out a full site survey to determine the correct fire exit sign requirements and supply the necessary signs if required.
Fire protection items

All we need you to do is make one decision, give us a call on 0121 342 5727

If you would like your profile published here please email me:

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