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Editors comment (or Syd's Ramblings)

Can products that are packaged in Britain, but made abroad, be sold as 'Made in Britain'?

Well yes, apparently they can!
There appears to be a loophole in the law that allows this.

I first came across this when I went to buy some willow fencing. The pack I had chosen had a large union flag printed on it. I rang the manufacturer to find out who had made the willow fencing because, at the time I had the idea of growing willow and I was looking for an outlet. I was told by the supplier that it had been made in China.

After I had suffered my first fit of spluttering apolexy, I told him he had no right to infer that it was British Made. He told me he had every right as it was packaged in the UK. After suffering my second attack I didn't even think to ask if the packaging was made in the UK - my guess is it wasn't.

I have recently come accross this again, in relation to farm produce, as revealed by The Telegraph.

I quote: For example, a turkey can spend its entire life in another country and then be processed here and presented as British: that is clearly wrong, even if it isn't against the regulations. And it isn't just with poultry. In the pork industry there has been the problem of supermarkets bringing in legs of pork from Denmark, processing them here, and labelling them British.

If you want to read the full article:

However, according to a poll by which magazine, the desire to buy British is the top reason for consumers wanting food to be labelled with its country of origin.

The Buy British food lobby are on the case and I think it is time that British manufacturing also took a stand on this.

Despite this however, there are numerous honestly 'made in britain' products available, such as Hazle Ceramics, featured in this edition of the newsletter, designed, made and hand-painted in England.

On with the newsletter.


A Piece of Britain News

The Hazle Ceramics on our website are scale models of real British buildings painted with themes from British social history. Modelled and painted entirely in England from Cornish china clay, they are "A Piece of Britain" in every sense!

Perfect for people seeking authentic British and London souvenirs, the ceramics also make highly original gifts for lovers of period buildings and a more nostalgic way of life - which may include gift givers themselves! Most models are painted as they appear today and as alternative versions usually researched from past times. This can give the buyer several choices.

Antiques and ceramics expert Eric Knowles has praised the main Hazle Ceramics range for being innovative and architecturally interesting and says they will be contested for by future generations. This is certainly an investment to be enjoyed in its own right.

In addition to developing the website, we travel around the country taking high resolution photos of the original buildings plus other images for dedicated feature pages on each ceramic and in preparation for a Hazle Ceramics Book. In the meantime our free sister site provides details on retired pieces and background information.

Buckets & Spades Comic Heroes Cod Father
The 2009 Seaside Set
Weymouth Harbour
Weymouth Harbour

To complete the feature pages for the 2009 seaside pieces we needed a trip to the seaside! Although Marliyn comes from Sidmouth in Devon, the Victorian town of Weymouth is an hour from us and has now become a favourite. It has shops selling buckets and spades, traditional fish and chips as well as donkey rides and a beautiful harbour. Please click on the ceramic images above for more information.

Punch and Judy Punch and Judy Punch and Judy detail

In the summer Weymouth has one of the few Punch and Judy Shows left in the country, complete with very vocal children! The Punch & Judy ceramic is from the Beside the Sea miniature range. This is not yet on our site but feel free to enquire using our contact page.

Balthazar's Baubles Palace St Poulterer Daily Star
The 2009 Christmas Set
Priest's House Conquest House King's English
The Original Canterbury Buildings

Hazle has recently modelled three new buildings in Canterbury to add to the two existing ones. We have discovered fascinating history on the buildings and themes portrayed. For example, Conquest House, centre right above, is said to be where Henry II's four knights stayed before murdering Thomas Becket in 1170. You can click on all the images to find out more.

During Conquest House's long life it was once a poulterer and that is how the model is portrayed this Christmas. The Christmas at Canterbury trio can be bought separately but only 50 ceramics will be painted of each, on moulds specially created for the series. It is shown in Seasonal Themes with other pieces. The open edition, non-Christmas models are in Historic Canterbury.

Next year, 2010, is Hazle Ceramics' 20th Anniversary and new models and paintings are already in the planning on the themes of Iconic Britain and Landmark & Little-Known London. There is likely to be a Jane Austen Centre based on the one in Bath, a Jurassic Coast Exhibition & Shop based on Charmouth's, The Bat & Ball "cradle of cricket" Inn in Hambledon, Hampshire, a Beatles Shop, a London Tube Station and a great deal more. Many overseas collectors will be joining us in the UK for special events.

Special Offer: Visitors to the British Products Directory can have £3 off each ceramic on their first order or £4 off when 4 or more are purchased together. Please mention the Directory using our contact form when ordering. We will email confirming your order and discount. Payment is not actually debited until dispatch and the discount will be applied at that point. We do not charge postage in the UK and have a subsidised rate for overseas. During the postal dispute every parcel is sent via a Signed For service which should get priority.

Members of our Hazle News private mailing list are sometimes offered other discounts and receive updates on new pieces and the 20th Anniversary. To register please visit our contact page.

If you would like your profile published here please email me:

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Conquest AI Ltd - High quality, Cast Malleable & Wrought Iron door & window fittings
plus a huge range of additional ironmongery products.
Manufactured in Britain for over 170 years.
Conquest AI Ltd - design and manufacture all that you need for your pheasant feeding requirements.
All our feeders are robust, long lived, simple to use, thrifty with food and popular with the pheasants. also manufacture a range of accessories:.
Drinkers, Painted Post Drivers, Release Pen Tunnels, Galvanized Weldmesh, release pen electric fence posts and pop holes.

Liz Cox - make a range of quality British handmade handbags, travel bags, Shoulder bags, purses, pencil cases etc.
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