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Newsletter - Autumn 2008

Welcome to the 4th newsletter of 2008.


Editors comment (or Syd's Ramblings)

Thank you everyone, for your comments on the new site design.
All the replies were very positive.
I will be changing only a few pages at a time, on a month by month basis so that the search engines have chance to pick up on the redirects, so please bear with me.

As this is the last newsletter before Christmas, I have included quite a number of Christmas offers with some very welcome savings.

So all that's left, is to wish you a very happy Christmas.

On with the newsletter.


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Mainwaring Metals Ltd.

Mainwaring Metals Ltd. was set up in 1988 to supply aluminium ingot to the foundry industry.

Aluminium Ingot.
Aluminium Ingot.

Aluminium ingot is the bar that foundries melt to produce their castings and is supplied as different specifications dependent on the method of casting and physical properties required - pure aluminium is very ductile and low in strength, but by adding different alloying elements e.g copper, silicon, magnesium the physical properties can be altered.

The basic manufacture of secondry aluminium ingot involves melting scrap aluminium, adding the required alloying materials and then casting into ingots.

Pouring Aluminium Ingot.
Pouring Aluminium Ingot.

It is described as secondary, because the scrap has previously been used (Recycling). Primary ingot however is manufactured from pure aluminium obtained from the ore.

The scrap required comes from a number of sources, from manufacturing residue to previously used parts e.g. aluminium car wheels.
The scrap will contain a mixture of material that has been cast, forged or machined from solid.

By blending these different materials, we can produce a melt that will become a casting alloy.
The next stage is to analyse the molten metal using specroscopy and make any final adjustments to the alloy before casting into ingot.

Colour Coded aluminium Ingot.
Colour Coded Ingot.

Once cast, the ingots are stacked and painted - the colours identifying the specification.

We also make primary aluminium alloy ingot which uses pure aluminium with the neccessary alloying agents rather than from scrap.

The castings produced from our ingots are used in a number of sectors including marine, formula 1, leisure, protyping, construction and highways.

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