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Newsletter - Autumn 2008

Welcome to the 3rd newsletter of 2008.


Editors comment (or Syd's Ramblings)

Comments, Criticisms and Suggestions

I have spent the Summer re-designing a new home page for the directory and I am now working on the content pages. These will follow the same theme as the home page.
For those of you interested in web site design, the site will be database driven and is written using PHP. It also contains no tables and is CSS complient.

Your comments, criticisms and suggestions would be appreciated.

I will upload the new site just after Christmas so that if there is any repositioning in the search engine results this will not affect your Christmas sales.

The proposed new home page can be found at:

On with the newsletter.


Members Slot

The Natural Soapworks launches Natroma Skincare Range

The Natural Soapworks has launched a new skincare range called Natroma. New products include facial and body care products, all handmade using the finest botanical ingredients and aromatherapy grade essential oils.

Business owner Sarah from The Natural Soapworks comments, "Natroma is here as a result of our loyal customers requesting facial products, after loving our handmade soaps and bathing products. We've developed these formulations ourselves, researching every ingredient to make sure our products are packed with natural goodness. We're very excited about the Natroma product range, and hope our customers will love using them too".

The Natural Soapworks has been based at the Red House Glass Cone since 2006, and is a highly respected natural soap making business, serving customers in the UK and Europe. Many sales are made via the company's website, www.naturalsoapworks.co.uk, but customers can also visit the manufacturing studio at the Red House Glass Cone each weekend to sample and purchase fragrant skincare gifts to pamper themselves, friends and family.

Natroma model

NATROMA Handmade Aromatherapy Skincare

Naturally active skincare packed with skin nourishing botanical ingredients, delicately fragranced with aromatherapy essential oils.

  • Facial Cleansers
  • Hydrolat Toners
  • Luxurious Q10 Moisturisers
  • Clay Masks
  • Oil Serums
Cosmetically safety tested and handmade to our own unique formulations - luxurious quality skincare at affordable prices.
  • NO animal testing
  • NO animal derived ingredients
  • NO parabens
  • NO artificial colourings or fragrances
  • NO petrochemicals / SLS detergents
Natroma logo
Natroma address

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