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Newsletter - Summer 2008

Welcome to the 2nd newsletter of 2008.


Editors comment (or Syd's Ramblings)

Wimbledon has been and gone and the Olympics are just around the corner - Summer must be here.

With the prospect of the Beijing olympics looming, over the last few weeks we have been extremely busy at work.
The reason I am told, is that the factories around Beijing have been instructed to close for seven weeks prior to and during the olympics, so that pollution is minimised, allowing China to show how eco-friendly it is to the world. Consequently, work that would be produced in China has been brought back to Britain and is now again being manufactured right here in the U.K.

This is of course excellent news - for the time being. It does however mean that the future of British Industry is dictated by the P.R. wing of China's Government. Just a thought.

Has anybody else noticed an increase in work? I would appreciate any feedback.

Anyway enough of my ramblings - on with the newsletter.

We have another bumper edition for you, with all the usual items.


Members Profile


Playing with Letterroads

Helping pre-school boys recognise letters of the
alphabet and simple phonics;
Letter Roads makes learning fun.

It is exactly what
Pre-schoolers want - it was
invented by one!

Featured in the Times Educational Supplement 25/04/08

Created by a 3 year old and developed and published by his mother. Letter Roads is a simple and popular new learning tool for boys and girls using a winning combination of toy cars, roads and letters.


Playing with Letterroads5 years ago, Michele Carter-Buxton was fighting an uphill struggle trying to teach the alphabet to her 3 year old son. One day, whilst he was playing with his cars at her feet, Michele drew him a large 'S' shaped "road", complete with dotted white lines on a big sheet of paper. Michele watched in amazement as he immediately began to drive his toy car around the letter.

Her son loved this new game and wanted more roads to 'brum-brum' around, so she quickly drew more letter shaped roads, adding a Police station and a Post office for the sounds of the letter "P". As one Letter Road linked to the next, soon there was a network of connecting roads on the living room floor. Roads that not only helped him recognise the sound and shape of individual letters, but were also a first step to understanding the world of joined-up writing.

Where he had been bored with learning, now he was enjoying his letter roads; he was talking about them but most importantly, he was learning AND having fun. At that moment, for a mum with no business experience and her 3 year old son, Letter Roads was born.


It was only afterwards, in discussions with pre-school teachers that Michele began to hear why some small boys can find lessons so difficult.
Teachers spoke of boys just being too lively for conventional sit-down learning.
The same pre-school teachers loved Letter Roads and their support inspired Michele to take the brave step of launching the new product.

On sale at the moment through their dedicated website, Letter Roads is produced with the environment very much in mind.

Made from a durable, toughened cardboard (rather than plastic) from MANAGED FORESTRY SOURCES, IT’S BIODEGRADABLE and MADE IN BRITAIN .

The full alphabet set of 26, A3 sized Letter Roads is available at £29.99 + p+p.
To order direct please contact www.letterroads.com or by telephoning : 01242 430102 Or UK mobile : 07860 450 341

If you would like your profile published here please email me:

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