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Newsletter - Spring 2007

Welcome to the 1st newsletter of 2007.


Editors comment (or Syd's Ramblings)

This edition of the newsletter contains a new section - Special offers and new products. This can be found below the company profile along with our New Members section. If you have anything that you want mentioned in the next newsletter (publication planned for the end of June) please email me.

As you know, I try to keep politics out of the newsletter but I have recently been asked this question: How I can justify the opinion that high levels of imports are killing British industry when I actively encourage the export of goods through the directory.
In the main imported goods are high volume which helps makes them cheap to produce but are often of low quality which means that they have a short useable life. This is great for the consumer. It means that they can have cheap products which they can afford to replace when the next big thing comes along.
In terms of sustainibility, we are using vast amounts of raw materials that are being transported thousands of miles to make goods which again have to be transported thousands of miles to be sold. We all hear all the talk about 'food miles' and the need to shop locally but I have yet to hear anyone mention 'goods miles' or 'product miles'.
The resources being used to make the products that have a short life are phenominal and this can't be sustainable.

With regard to the export of British made goods; we are talking here about high quality low volume products which are sustainable.
I find that people who are looking for British made products want an innovative quality product that will last and I think the company profile below (Solbraze Ltd.) admirably shows this.
If anybody else feels strongly on this matter feel free to email me

Anyway enough of my ramblings - on with the newsletter.


Company Profile

Solbraze Ltd.
Bilton Road, Erith, Kent.


Solbraze was founded in 1962 by 5 electrical and mechanical engineers who were interested in process heating. Over the following 45 years, the business designed and manufactured the three primary forms of producing heat and its associated complementary systems. These are Induction Heating, Resistance Heating and Precision Flame Heating.

Ultrasonic Soldering Systems
  The business developed into a service to the entire spectrum of industry, providing optimum manufacturing solutions, for Soldering, Brazing, Heating, and Bonding processes - effectively, leading edge "Joining Technology” to suit the customers output requirements. Ultrasonic ”Flux less" Soldering Irons and Ultrasonic Soldering Systems are a prime example.

Resistance Brazing UnitSolbraze manufacture a wide and varied range of brazing and soldering products from small bench mounted resistance soldering and brazing units including hand tools of 250VA to 1500 VA for Jewellery and small ferrous or nonferrous components, and up to 35 KVA and beyond for brazing small medium and large transformers/electric motor windings up to and in excess of 1 ton.

At the other end of the scale Solbraze manufacture brazing equipment for use in bus bar chambers in power stations and for small medium and large electric motors. These motors can be so large that the equipment is made portable and needs to be taken to the ”job”, rather than the other way round and can be of any size from 1/4 of a ton to 300 tons where you literally walk inside the motor housing to braze the windings.

Solbraze Precision Flame Brazing machine An example of a Solbraze Precision Flame Brazing machine can be seen here. These are used to braze Boron Steel Rings for Oil Wells using a high temperature-brazing alloy at 1200 degrees C.

solder potsSemi Automatic Solder Dip Tinning Station with PLC controlSolbraze also manufacture a wide range of heavy duty soldering irons, solder pots, rotating, dross free solder pots, automatic linear soldering machines etc etc.

Solbraze Heavy Duty Soldering IronsSolbraze also manufacture heavy duty soldering irons. Our heavy duty irons are used in applications where the standard 500 Watt Soldering Iron is used for soldering of heavy copper, brass or steel section, or on battery lugs, or indeed any heavy cable and/or lug that needs a large heat source.

ISPM15 Forestry Commission branding ironThe heavy-duty irons can also double up as Branding Irons. With a small change to the cable and a Die Block in place of the copper bit (ISPM15 Forestry Commission brand shown)

The Solbraze heavy duty soldering Irons and Resistance Equipment are Nato Coded and are used by the Army, Navy, and Air force, to repair equipment. Solbraze has a fully equipped applications laboratory enabling it to determine from customers’ drawings, sketches or samples, the most appropriate controlled manufacturing process commensurate with their output requirements and provide a quotation for the capital equipment. Whether the requirement is a simple manual process or fully automated PLC robotic operation, Solbraze can produce standard or custom made machines including handling gear and jigging to suit the applications. Our own design and development department with its 350 cumulative years of experience dealing with all forms of industries, has given Solbraze the experience to produce the most appropriate equipment to suit the application. At the forefront of development, Solbraze design, develop and manufacture equipment to suit their customer's requirements.
A few examples of this are: 1 metre x 1/2 metre hot plate that was made for Nissan Sunderland for heating pistons on the engine assembly line. Or the very small very accurate temperature controlled hotplate 100 mm x 100 mm used for In-vitro Fertilisation in R&D hospital laboratories; or our ultrasonic soldering iron used for the ultimate soldered 'Joint Integrity' in satellites; or the new 'Eco' automotive oil and petrol filter machines for bonding paper to plastic.

In an increasing wide sector of manufacturing in the UK where costs can be uncompetitive with Europe, the Far East and China, Solbraze has the ability with its range of products and processes to "de-skill" previously skilled tasks, increasing output, improving quality and dramatically reducing costs in all fields.


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New Members

Several new members have recently joined and just in case you haven't spotted the more recent ones, I've listed them below.

The Four Poster Bed Company - The Four Poster Bed Company are UK makers of quality, handmade four poster beds, canopy beds, and traditional oak country furniture.

Rocco cookware - Rocco cookware manufacture a range of vitreous enamel saucepans, baking trays, roasting tins and cooking pots in a variety of styles and colours.

April Daisies. - April Daisies design and create a range of hand crafted accessories for the home.

Bathams Brewery - "The Finest Real Ales" - Bathams Brewery produce three diferent cask ales. Two available all year round (Best Bitter and Mild) and a Christmas special (XXX).
The best bitter and the XXX are also available in bottles, for all year round enjoyment.

Special Offers and New Products

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