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Newsletter - Summer 2006

Welcome to the second newsletter of 2006.


Editors comment (or Syd's Ramblings)

Firstly, I must apologise for the delay in getting this newsletter out to you. I have been extremely busy with one thing and another; not least my main computer deciding that this was the best time to die.

In this issue of the newsletter:

We continue our theme and again include a company profile of one of our members.
Underneath this article you will find new members and site news.

You will notice from the site news that I have now opened a new section containing british made gifts sold online.
We all know how difficult it is when choosing birthday or Christmas presents to find british made gifts - so I would encourage you to have a look at this section before travelling to the shops, as it does contain a wide selection of british made gifts. If you have an online shop and I have missed you out, please contact me and give me a nudge.

As usual any feedback you can give me on the newsletter is always very welcome - is there anything you would like to see added or removed for that matter?

One of our members : Wild Wood & Rose has suggested that the newsletter could be used to let other members know if any promotional offers are available. I think this is a good idea but it does mean that I will have to be somewhat more organised with publication dates. I will post something in the next newsletter.

Anyway enough of my ramblings - on with the newsletter.


Company Profile

Zenith Prototype Components Ltd. - Stourbridge, West Midlands.


Zenith Prototype Components Ltd. was started in 1991 by Mark Taylor to develop high precision prototypes. Initially, involved with protype manufacture for F1 motor racing Mark also made prototypes for the aerospace industry as well as industries as diverse as toy manufacture and consumer goods.

Using digital manufacturing technology and working closely with a local University, Mark was able to develop a process for rapid protype development and it is this process that he uses today.

Zenith have now enhanced rapid prototyping methods to meet the high specifications, exacting tolerences and demanding delivery schedules required for 21st century rapid product development.

With the requirement of polymer based prototypes in engineering grade plastics such as ABS, nylons and thermoplastic rubbers, production of injection mould tooling has become a major part of the business with most tools completed within two weeks. Moulding trials are carried out in the specified material and components checked for dimensional acuracy and customer approval before quantities are manufactured.

Zenith also specialises in the rapid production of thin wall, lightweight aluminium investment castings, zinc casings and ferrous castings. Batch runs of single prototypes through to pre-production, short run manufacture and volume production can be accommodated.

Components are produced for a wide range of industries and applications from Automotive, F1 motorsport, aerospace and marine and consumer products.

Utilising clients CAD data files, various methods are employed depending on the type and complexity of the component requirements. Components can be issued with certification for radiographic inspection, heat treatment processes and material specification.

Zenith is a forward innovative company using state of the art technology to achieve their aim of reducing production time of vital components.

Zenith Prototype Components Limited,
Unit 6, Embassy Estate
Attwood Street
West Midlands
Contact: Mark Taylor
Tel: +44 (0) 1384 424000
Fax: +44 (0) 1384 444900
Email: Zenithrpt@compuserve.com
Web: zenithrpt.com


To have your profile published here please email me: syd@britishproductsdirectory.co.uk

New Members

Several new members have recently joined and just in case you haven't spotted the more recent ones, I've listed them below.

www.thegardengate.biz - Manufacturer's on-line shop. High quality wrought iron gates & railings.
Also - flat pack garden incinerators, coal bunkers and garden wheelbarrows, rose arches, kids garden tools and greenhouse & garden essentials.

gilliangladrag - Manufacturer's on-line shop. gilliangladrag make handmade handbags from new and recycled fabrics. Also hand rolled felt bags made from angel soft merino wool.

Good Food Pages - Good Food Pages lists all the very best food and drink producers and retailers in the UK, many of which offer organic and free-range produce.
Good Food Pages also list farmers' markets, food festivals and events, seasonal recipes, food competitions and food articles for your interest. The link to this site can be found on our home page

Site News

We now have a new section containing British made gifts that can be bought online
This can be found on the home page or by clicking the link below:


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