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Newsletter - Winter 2005

Welcome to the third newsletter of 2005.


Editors comment (or Syd's Ramblings)

With Christmas fast approaching, this is the last newsletter of 2005.

It's been a busy year, but a satisfying one as the Directory continues to steadily grow, with more and more diverse businesses coming on board.

The server logs continue to show that we have good visibility on the search engines, but even so, one of my projects next year will be to further optimise each page to see if we can improve still further.

I have recently been contacted by two large national directories with a view to The British Products Directory taking out an advertisement. Their sales pitch being: The British Products Directory is a unique and singularly placed directory; well worth advertising - so unique that they couldn't find a section for us!
Is there anybody out there with experience of advertising who could advise me on this?

Finally I would like to thank you all for your continued support and for those voices of encouragement that make this endeavour a pleasure.

It just remains for me to wish you all a very happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year.


New Members

Several new members have recently joined and just in case you haven't spotted the more recent ones, I've listed them below.

Norvil Motorcycle Company - For those of you who remember the 750cc Norton Commando, Norvil manufacture a new 1000cc Commando - well worth a look. They also supply newly made spares for the original post war to 1975 Nortons.

Zenith Prototype Components Ltd - Zenith manufacture machine tools amongst many other items but use use Digital Manufacturing and Rapid Prototyping Technologies to enable components to be taken from design stage to completion in a matter of days.

Wodsetton Designworks Ltd - Woodsetton is a family company, who manufacture Art Pottery, collectables, jewellery & home accessories mostly in porcelain & pewter. They supply giftshops, mail order catalogues, heritage organisations and galleries.

Unique British Gifts - Unique British Gifts are an internet shop that sell only British Made gifts.
They can be found on the home page links.


We also have new members who do have not have a web site but can be found on the following pages:

The Metal Works - A Blacksmith and General Engineer who can make what you want in Iron and Steel including Gates and Railings, one off parts made to order or to fit, Stable equipment. In fact - almost anything.

Niki Guy - Niki Guy creates her unique jewellery from sea tumbled glass and has fine selections of necklaces, bracelets and earrings. http://www.britishproductsdirectory.co.uk/westmidlands/wm_jewellery.htm

Design by Mo - The Snuggle Cushion - hand/machine made lap quilts which can be personalised to your requirements.

Site News

On the suggestion of one of the members - In the new year I hope to set up a business to business section within the directory. If you don't want your name included please let me know.

Email to Fax service

I am now offering a email to fax service (next day delivery) for members without an email address or access to a computer.
The way this works is as follows:
I will allocate you an email address, for example yourcompany@britishproductsdirectory.co.uk that you can use to give to your customers. When an email is received at this address it is then faxed to you (within 24 hours).
The cost of this service is £2.00 per month with a maximum of 10 faxes per month.

I can also offer an email to email service for any member who doesn't want to advertise their email address in the public domain.

For further details or to sign up please contact me.


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