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Newsletter - Summer 2005

Welcome to the second newsletter of 2005.


Editors comment (or Syd's Ramblings)

The directory continues to grow and I see from the site logs that we are now averaging 3000 hits per month with 10% of visitors bookmarking the site.
Much of the traffic is from search engine queries and one of things I have noticed, is that around 15% of these queries specify British made.
As more and more people become aware of the environmental cost of transporting goods and produce around the world and appreciate the high quality of British goods I expect to see this figure grow.

Although I can see from the logs which pages of the directory are accessed, I am unable to determine if the enquirers continue on to your sites. I would be interested to know if you are receiving traffic from the directory.

Some customers have told me that the directory is resulting in new sales leads for them. I would welcome any feedback on this.


New Members

Several new members have recently joined and just in case you haven't spotted the more recent ones, I've listed them below. As usual the sites are of a high standard and well worth a look.

The Potting Shed - a small company in Northumberland that manufacture traditional terracotta garden pots:

Smith Bullough - one of only a few remaining Bolt & Nut Manufacturers in the U.K:

Pine Cottage Plants - specialist growers and holders of the National Collection of Agapanthus in the UK:

Jackson's Miniatures - specialise in manufacturing 1/12th and 1/24th scale doll house miniatures in Britain:

J. Lowrence Ltd - A consulting company who provide a fair priced service to the small business sector. They can provide noise surveys & assessments, air quality monitoring, asbestos surveys amongst numerous other services:


We also have new members who do have not have a web site but can be found on the following pages:

Midland Concrete Products Ltd. - Manufacturers of precast concrete products including slotted posts, panel fencing, gravel boards:

Carol Angela Design - Handmade handbags made from an exciting mix of materials: http://www.britishproductsdirectory.co.uk/westmidlands/wm_handbag.htm

Site News

We have now added a new section: "no longer made but still available".

Currently the sole occupant is Stones Brothers; a supplier of British threaded nuts and bolts.(BSF, Whit, BA etc.). I can recommend this supplier as he has managed to find me a wide range of fasteners for use on projects, including furniture restoration, motorcycle and typewriter repair as well as for machines at the works.

Stones Brothers can be found at:

If you know of anybody who is supplying something that is "no longer made but still available" please ask them to contact us.

Email to Fax service

I am now offering a email to fax service (next day delivery) for members without an email address or access to a computer.
The way this works is as follows:
I will allocate you an email address, for example yourcompany@britishproductsdirectory.co.uk that you can use to give to your customers. When an email is received at this address it is then faxed to you (within 24 hours).
The cost of this service is £2.00 per month with a maximum of 10 faxes per month.

I can also offer an email to email service for any member who doesn't want to advertise their email address in the public domain.

For further details or to sign up please contact me.


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