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Newsletter - Spring 2005

Welcome to the first newsletter of 2005.


New Members

Several sites have recently joined and just in case you haven't spotted the more recent ones, I've listed them below. As usual the sites are of a high standard and well worth a look.

Three Welsh sites with just about any craft item you could want:

For those who want to make a record, video or film:

For the Web site producer: interactive atlases to integrate with your web site
and for the rest of us a very useful tourist guide.


Site News

We now have a 'link to us' page (this can be found on the homepage menu) or:

If you have a web site, feel free to use any of the logos or banners to link to us.

If you don't have a web site, but want to use the logo on your paperwork - pick the image, save to disk and then insert into your correspondence using your favourite word processing programme - full instructions on the page.

Alternately we can still supply self adhesive labels.


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