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  • K-nit

    K-nit was conceived in mid-2012 when designer and needleworker Carole Layfield set about knitting some hats for her sons and their friends. Using the surplus Lambswool from her store cupboard, she instinctively designed a small collection of comfy, durable beanies whose stark and often improvised colour blends gave way to an authentic style.
    Although she perhaps never expected to make more than those first few, their creation met with such a positive reception that excited family discussion quickly led to a well-formulated vision for K-nit...one that is now being realised.
    Besides providing high-quality garments, continuing to source local wool and endeavouring to support British manufacturing has become central to our ethos, as has a non-wasteful approach to the production process.
    Equally important is that original, distinctive style. We feel it is one that offers a fresh approach to the beanie craze of the last few years - a timeless look that reflects the highly creative sensibilities and honest attitude of our company.

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