About us

This web site has been designed, written and co-ordinated by Syd Partridge with the help of many others including our suppliers, customers and local businesses.

The author is a director of a small manufacturing company based in the Black Country. He has found it increasingly difficult to purchase materials that are manufactured in Britain and to locate companies producing British goods - often they are small businesses who gain their work by word of mouth.

The final straw came, whilst trying to locate a cast iron fireplace insert. A manufacturer's representative, when asked if the part was made in Britain, was unable (or unwilling) to say.

This led to a fruitless search on the web; although individual companies could be found along with directories of British or U.K. businesses, there did not appear to be a catologue specific to British manufacturers and producers or British made products. - if you know of one please let us know. * Please see update below

We talked about the feasabiltiy of creating a directory of British producers, not only to reach the general public but also a directory for businesses to use. Apart from the occasional "You've got no chance, their aren't any left", most people thought it a good idea.

The one comment we came across quite often, was that small businesses do not always have a web site.
This led to the development of our 'dedicated web pages' which enable a company to showcase their products within the directory.

The intention was to create a site that is easy to use and competively priced so enabling even the smallest business to become involved.

We believe that the marks - 'Made in Britain' and 'British Made' were synonymous with quality and this is still the case today!

Since the original article was written, a number of similar directories have been created. These are shown on our home page, in the left-hand menu under 'Useful Links'
If you know of any others that we have not listed please let us know and we will consider their inclusion.